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Green Lotus Yoga 300 YTT with Carol Murphy @ Gort, Galway, Ireland.

  • Greenlotus Yoga Gort, Galway Ireland (map)

This 300 YTT will be lead and taught mainly by Carol Murphy, and additional modules will be taught by Josh Summers, and Myself.

We have created a flexible system where 6 x 4 day CPD trainings are weaved into a 300 hr Advanced yoga training with an additional 5 x 2 day weekends. The 300 hr training is for teachers who already have a 200 hr training or equivalent. The core modules can be taken separately as CPD trainings. These models are also open to students but we recommend that you take a full 200 hr training before you teach the material from them. 


  • Anatomy 1 – Biomechanics of Asana, Alignment, /adjustments.
  • Anatomy 2 - Anatomy Trains, Fascial meridians, movement and Asana
  • Anatomy 3 - Structural Integration through asana. Using the trains to work on common postural dysfunctions.
  • Yin Yoga Training
  • Inversion Immersion
  • Tantric Heart Training –  a journey through the chakras.


These weekends will cover the following :

  • Developing your Hatha and Vinyasa asana practice – Hatha technique style workshops and “Progressive Vinyasa” – a series of vinyasa threads, based on the sequences of “Loops, binds and waves”.
  • Developing teaching skills. Learning how to teach the threads, developing workshops and a ‘video project’. 
  • Diving deeper into Patanjalis sutras and comparatively exploring the Radiance Sutras (a translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra). For more details, please see under ‘curriculum’ below.
  • Learn how to teach “Trauma-Sensitive yoga’ and learn the science and psychology of trauma in the body and mind. .Students have the option of taking the CPD trainings separately or doing the whole 300 hr training in one go where the 4 day CPD trainings are offered at a reduced price. It is also possible to take the 3 anatomy trainings together (120 hrs)  if you wish to train as a “Structural Integration and functional movement” teacher. 

For more information on this training, please click on the link Below:

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and for more information Regarding My Inversion Immersion, please click on the link Below

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